OryCon 22 - Art Show Set-Up

This is the Official schedule for the OryCon 22 Art Show set-up on Thursday November 16, 2000:
I will be at site.
Art Show rooms will come available, I will be in this room at this time setting up the art show office.
The van and all of the art show office equipment and mail in art will arrive at site. I will panic, then be calmed down by my husband who will then panic himself. We will be ready to face anything then, did I say anything??!!!
Hopefully the truck with the steel and panels will arrive at this time. Volunteers who want to help putting up steel and panels should start checking in at this time, to see if they can help. OF COURSE WE WILL NEED HELP, DUH!!! please? I hope the power drop is in or Fred will be upset.
Panels should be well under in construction, I will need volunteers at this time to help with labeling and putting up artists signs. Mail in art should be able to be hung at this time as well. Refreshments of subs, cookies, and nonalcoholic drinks will be served at this time.
Artists will begin to check in at this time and hang their art. I will begin to fiddle with lights and drive everyone crazy.
Art show room will be closed and night security will take over.
Remember there is no smoking in the Art Show, I have asthma and will be upset if you do.


Lacey Axmaker
Art Show Director

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