OryCon 22 Progress Report 2


OryCon 22

November 17-19, 2000 (Not the usual weekend)
Doubletree Hotel Portland - Columbia River

How to Contact Us

OryCon 22
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703

(503) 774-1043

Guests of Honor

Gail Butler

Gail Butler is greatly looking forward to being the Orycon Artist GOH. Gail has attended, displayed and sold with Orycon, Norwescon, Rustycon, etc. for many years. She will be on several panels and is very fan-friendly so be sure to introduce yourself . She is not reclusive at all and, due to a slight mobility difficulty, tends to stay in one place for a while once she gets settled. Not a drinker of intoxicants, she would appreciates a well-timed soda or iced tea. Gail has a marvelous laugh and appreciates bad puns so sharpen your wits and seek her out!

John Barnes

John Barnes is no stranger to OryCon, having come to several in the late '80s/early 90s while he lived in 'nearby' Missoula, Montana. A move to Pittsburgh took OryCon off his local con circuit but brought John and Kara together. And while scenic Gunnison, Colorado, (their present abode) places them somewhat closer to Portland again, OryCon is usually in conflict with one of John's professional commitments so this year's date change made it possible for them to accept our invitation.

Gunnison is home to Western State College where Barnes is an Associate Professor teach- ing theater and communications. Fortunately for us, John still finds time to write: his most recent novel was Candle, set in Colorado, a 'sequel' to Kaleidoscope Century. His second collaboration with Buzz Aldrin, The Return, is just hitting the shelves.

Other recent works include:Orbital Resonance, Mother of Storms, A Million Open Doors, Earth Made of Glass, and Encounter with Tiber with Buzz Aldrin.

Kara Dalkey

Kara Dalkey made her way from Los Angeles to Minneapolis where she was one of the founders in 1980 of the Scribblies writers group (OryCon 13 GOHs Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, Pamela Dean, Steven Brust, et al). Her first published genre work was "The Hands of the Artist" in the delightful Liavek shared-world anthology series in1985 (strangely enough the same year John's first story "Finalities Beside the Grave" was published in Amazing).

Kara's focus has been fantasy including the YA pair set in 11th century Japan, Little Sisterand The Heavenward Path; the Blood of the Goddess trilogy in 16th century India; The Nightingale, one of Terri Windling's Fairy Tale series; and the recent contemporary fantasies Steel Rose and Crystal Sage, set respectively in Pittsburgh and Colorado.


Art Show

Here is a current list (as of 9-15-00) of artists who are confirmed for the Art Show:
Alexander, Rob
Ashton, Lisa
Borkowski, Janet
Bouchette, Deborah
Bourne, Adrian
Bourne, Elizabeth
Bowman, Mitzie
Bruton, Heather
Butler, Gail
Cameron, Laura
Campbell, Russell
Clark, Alan
Dowling, Lela
Egan, Michael
Elgin, Suzette Haden
Harper, Ashley
Hellie, Lisa
Kidd, Tom
Lampi, Ruth
Larson, Durlyn
Ledet, Joy
Lee, Jody A.
Livingstone, Monika
Lurz, Frank
Martel, Charles
Mather, Theresa
Mitchell, Ellisa
Mott, Betsy
Organ-Kean, Margaret
Reynolds-Ward, Joyce
Roland, Mark
Roller, Jennie
Scaison, Molly
Spangler, Randal
Stejskal, Susan
Sturgeon, Jeff
Synk, Lucy A.
Tripp, Tammy
Williams, Ronita
Willis, Markus
Woad, Raelinda
We're about 50% full so far with more reservations coming in every day. The Art Show website is located at:
There are links to the list of artists for the show (and past shows), as well as links to the necessary forms for registering for the show. The second batch of mailings (mailing control forms and whatnot to confirmed artists) will be going out in early October.

Child Care

All children must be registered with the convention, and all children purchasing memberships must be accompanied by an adult.

Children ages 5 and under are admitted to the convention without charge and will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. They must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the official child care area, at all times. If a young child is found unattended, he or she will be delivered to the child care area and the responsible adult(s) will be billed.

Hours of Operations for Child Care is

Friday 2pm to 11pm
Saturday 9am to 11pm
Sunday 9am to 3pm
Tickets can be purchased in the Office for $4/hr, or 10 hours for $30. Parents will have to sign-in and out with the Nanny when leaving child(ren). Also, Polaroids will be taken to ensure child/parent ID.

Daily 'Zine

If you have submissions for the Daily 'Zine, please get them to me in the following formats: email mp@moonmac.com by Thursday morning before the Con in ASCII (text only) format or JPEG if you want to be fancy and make a picture. BRING a printout or hand-scrawled missive to the Con Office by Thursday night. If I can get email at the convention you can mail stuff to me that way but CHECK FIRST. This applies to #s 2 and beyond. Don't bother with floppies or Zips; I will not be bringing a drive along.

Endeavor Award

The judges for this year's Endeavour Award - Terry Bisson, Gordon Van Gelder, and Josepha Sherman - are in the middle of assessing our five finalists. The winner of the Endeavour Award will be announced at OryCon Friday night (November 17) immediately following Opening Ceremonies.

The finalists for the second Endeavour Award and the $1,000.00 honorarium that accompanies it are: Calculus of Angels by J. Gregory Keyes, Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear, The Mad Ship by Robin Hobb, A Red Heart of Memories, by Nina Kikiri Hoffman, and The Terrorists of Irustan by Louise Marley.

The annual Endeavour Award honors a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book. To be eligible for the award, a work must be an original novel or single author collection of stories published, as either a hardcover or a paperback, for the first time in the English language during the calendar year preceding the giving of the award. The author(s) must have been living in the Pacific Northwest--Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, The Yukon, and British Columbia--when the book was accepted. If books are first published outside of the United States or Canada and are not entered at that time, they may be entered when first published in the United States or Canada.

For additional information, contact James Fiscus at fiscus@sff.net.

Fan Tables

New contact for Fan Tables:
Sharon Sbarsky
213 Webster St
Needham, MA 02494
email: sbarsky@world.std.com


Mary Olsen, David Mohr, Mark Reed, Karl Krebiel

Greetings (again) from Gaming! Our Gaming Guest of Honor has been chosen and is Richard Dansky. Richard is a full time author and spent four years at White Wolf Game Studios before landing in his current position of Line Developer for Red Storm Entertainment. Some of his White Wolf development credits include Wraith: The Oblivion, Mind's Eye Theater, Vampire: The Dark Ages, and Kindred of the East. His writing credits include: Clan Novel; Lasombra, Corax, Slaugh and much of the Guide to the Camarilla. He is currently working on Freedom: First Resistance, an adaptation of Anne McCaffrey's Catteni novels.

Some of our scheduled events include:

In the Board Room:

In Umatilla:

In Yakima:

Now then, as we all know with events like these, situations can change at a moment's notice. Please, remember to pick up copies of the Daily 'Zine at the event for possible schedule changes and other information that could not make it to earlier publications.

Gaming would also like to thank Bruce Baugh, Richard Dansky, Geoffrey Grabowski and many others without whose help Gaming would not be possible.


We suggest you make your hotel reservations early - as the block has filled up each year (including the 50 rooms we have reserved at the Doubletree Hotel Portland-Jantzen Beach). The best method is to call the local number (503-283-2111) or mail in the reservation form below, but the toll-free 800-733-5466 will also work. Our rate is $88 for 1 to 4 people (each additional person adds $15, with a maximum of 5 persons in a room in a room due to fire code restrictions). The convention rate is guaranteed for all rooms available even after the block has ended (October 26th). There is, however, no guarantee that there will be any rooms left at either hotel at that point - so make those reservations soon. If and only if, you specifically request a river view room, you will be charged $10 extra.

PARTIES: If you plan to hold a party, you must reserve in the Party Wing which is the Interstate Wing. The hotel will again be requiring a $100 damage/cleaning deposit for open parties. Please note that this policy is being applied to all groups not just OryCon. Your open parties will need to be registered in the office so we can coordinate with the hotel and help you get any extra trash bags and/or cleaning supplies from the hotel.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions, special requirements, or if any problems arise. You can use the OryCon PO Box, the general e-mail address, or reach me directly at patty@teleport.com.


The Masquerade is on track to happen again this year. Here is some additional info to help you finalize your plans to get your body on stage. First the stage dimensions have changed a bit, the stage will be 24 foot wide with a 14 foot deep usable area. Clearance at the lowest point is 9 feet. Once again we will have one spotlight aimed from the back of the room near center. The sound crew will be able to take standard cassette tape or CD. If you have further questions, Don will be happy to help with any problems, and to do what ever we need to do (within reason of course) to help you present your costume on stage.

Our current schedule is still being finalized but will look similar to this:

Friday - Optional Pre Masquerade meeting
Saturday Morning - Optional Pre Masquerade meeting
Saturday 4:00 pm - Masquerade setup begins
5:00 pm - Tech rehearsals start
7:00 pm - Halftime Setup and sound checks
7:45 pm - doors open/Panic attacks begin
8:00 pm - Masquerade starts
Sunday - Optional Post Masquerade meeting.
Please visit the Orycon webpage for further rules clarifications and a downloadable copy of the entry form.

If you need to reach Don prior to the convention his address is

650 NW 76th St
Seattle WA 98117-4044
His phone number is (206)297-0954 and E-mail address is corwyn@kolvir.com. (His web page, if you really care is www.kolvir.com)

Please review the following information.

Competition is in the following categories:

There will be NO live mikes! If your presentation includes dialog, please add it to your soundtrack tape. Presentation time limits: one minute for a group of 1-4 people, two minutes for a group of 5-8, and three minutes for a group of 9 or more. The Masquerade Director on a case-by-case basis may give additional time.

Music Programming

John Bunnell (JCBunnell@sff.net)
So many musicians, so little time. . . .

The very best news on the music front is that in addition to hosting Friends of Filk guest Larry Warner, OryCon 22 will feature a return visit by the Seattle-based folk group Crooked Mile, last here two years ago. These talented performers have been polishing their repertoire and gathering many fans since their last visit, and we're very happy to have them back as featured artists.

There will also be a full assortment of mini-concerts - but be sure to read your pocket program carefully and watch for signs and daily-zine updates, because they may appear at different times and places than you've heard them before. If our diabolical scheme works, you'll see two results - live music programming will be spread more widely across the overall OryCon schedule, and you'll see fewer conflicts between concert events and the traditional open filk circle(s) scheduled each evening. If it doesn't, you'll see your Music Programming coordinator hiding in the back of a Greyhound bus heading for the Ruritanian border. If you look quickly enough, that is.

So bring your song books, tune your instruments, and start resting your vocal chords - it's going to be a weekend to remember.


by Megaera Jarvis, Head of Programming
I am pleased to announce that there will be programming at OryCon 22. In fact, I am planning to purchase a long-handled shoe horn in order to fit everything into the schedule and the hotel.

I have received completed questionnaires from 125 writers, artists, filkers and other panelists. So far.

There has been a lot of interest in workshops this year; I hope to fit all of them in! We will also have the Masquerade, Whose Line is it Anyway?, the art auction, Susan Petrey auction, singing, dancing and many other events for your enjoyment.

A record number of Live-Action Role-Playing groups have asked for space to play and invite new members to their clubs. The first "Hall Costumer's Tea" will be held this year. This is a chance for all persons who design, make and/or wear hall costumes to meet one another, talk, and have refreshments.

A COTI (Cultures of the Imagination) session is also new for this year. The participants divide up into teams, each team building its own world and culture. Then, after several days or weeks of developing the worlds and cultures, all of the teams meet and simulate the first contact between the cultures they have invented. (Sounds like a fun panel). Participation in this event will probably begin before the convention starts and continue throughout OryCon. Interested persons should subscribe (it's free!) to the OryCon-L chat list, available through our webpage (www.orycon.org).

Gaming has a new twist this year: its own Guest of Honor. There will also be special guests running games and holding panels and discussions in the Gaming rooms.

There are so many things to do this year, new and old, that we will be hard-pressed to fit everything in. Look for panels and events at unusual times and places. You may want to get up earlier or stay up later to enjoy your favorite item. Please, please read the Program Book and the Pocket Program so you will be informed. Check the Daily 'Zine for last-minute changes.

I sincerely hope that everyone has a simply marvelous time. The Programming Staff and I are doing everything we can to make that wish come true.

Writers Workshop

John Bunnell (JCBunnell@sff.net)
UPDATE - We're extending the deadline for submissions. We must have materials in hand by October 2, 2000. This is a firm deadline - if we receive your submission after that date, we can't promise that you'll be able to participate in the workshop. (We hope this Progress Report gets to you before that date....)

The OryCon Writers' Workshops continue this year much as they have in the past, offering participants the chance for pinpoint analysis and criticism from our usual cadre of well-respected working pros.

We will accept submissions this year in two divisions. Participants may submit only one (1) manuscript and participate in only one (1) division. The number of workshop sessions in each division will depend on availability of space and critiquing professionals.

Participation is limited to registered members of Orycon 22, and as usual, we need your stories well ahead of the convention so that we can match and distribute manuscripts.

To submit, send one (1) copy of your manuscript to the address below. Submissions must be accompanied by a $10 fee to cover costs of photocopying and mailing. Checks should be payable to Orycon 22.

John C. Bunnell
Orycon 22 Writers' Workshop
6663 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. PMB 326
Portland, OR 97225-1403
Please include your name, postal and e-mail addresses, phone number, and a brief description of your writing background (publication credits, workshop experience, etc.).

A couple of brief questions and answers:

Can we submit manuscripts electronically?
In a word, no. We're not equipped to handle the conversions we'd need to make to print and distribute (or format and e-mail) copies of the manuscripts out to critiquers - and for the most part, professional publishers don't yet take unsolicited e-submissions. Printing and submitting a professional manuscript is, as we see it, part of the learning experience we offer via the workshops.

What do I need to know about manuscript format?
The basics are simple enough: double spacing, minimum 1" margins, clear 12-point non-proportional type (like Courier), page headings that include your name and the title as well as the page number. We can and will send back manuscripts - deadline permitting - that don't meet these standards and ask you to resubmit. Additional details about manuscript format are available in several articles at the SFWA Web site, http://www.sfwa.org.


OryCon 22 is sponsored by OSFCI and follows OSFCI policies and guidelines.


The wearing and carrying of weapons (or anything that looks like a weapon) will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to comply is ground for immediate expulsion from the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealers' Room must be securely wrapped. "Weapons" includes (but is not limited to): guns, blasters, swords, knives, spitwads, flame throwers, nuclear or non-nuclear explosives, squirt guns, whips, slingshots, peashooters, or unpleasant-looking devices. (The committee reserves the right to define what constitutes a weapon.) Keep them in your room. Period.


Except for the smoking section of the Hospitality suite, and any designated smoking areas in the hotel restaurants and bars, smoking is not permitted in any indoor public area at OryCon.


All children must be registered with the convention, and all children purchasing memberships must be accompanied by an adult.

Children ages 5 and under are admitted to the convention without charge and will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. They must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the official child care area, at all times. If a young child is found unattended, he or she will be delivered to the child care area and the responsible adult(s) will be billed.

Children ages 6 through 12 are admitted at half the adult price and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. Those not capable of operating responsibly on their own must be kept under adult supervision or taken to the official child care area.

All children of ages 12 or under must be under direct adult supervision after 8:00 p.m. Children may work as convention volunteers, bur those under age 12 may do so for no more than 4 hours per day. Those of ages 12 through 16 may do so for no more than 6 hours per day.

HELP Wanted

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed!

Registration Rates for Orycon:

Here's the rates for the year: Contact Orycon by the Web Site (Look under the Web Site section), by the enclosed flyer or by mailing:
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703
We've sold out for the last four years, and we expect to again this year. However, there are always several hundred still available when we open the doors on Friday--so if you get there early, you should be OK.

Memberships are no longer available at Future Dreams &Wrigley-Cross after October 15th.

Web Sites

Here is a list of web sites that you might want to visit:
Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. - Orycon 22's Sponsor, check here for upcoming events, and detailed information on policies.

OryCon 22 - Yep, We have a web page. This page has registration information, general information on the upcoming con, committee listings, and you can check the memberships page for yourself and friends.

Westercon 54 - The upcoming Westercon in 2001 (you have a flyer for it in this issue of the Progress Report. This site has general info, membership search, contact info, and a visitors guide to Portland.

The Endeavour Award - Science Fiction or Fantasy book written by a Pacific Northwest author or authors and published in the previous year.

Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund - Raise money to annually send an aspiring writer to the Clarion Science Fiction Writer's Workshop. Read more about it here.

About Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.

Art Show Web Site

Suggestions for Dance tunes can be E-mailed to: dances@midgard.net


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Orycon 22 is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, Inc., a tax-exempt and non-profit corporation.


Mail to:
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CITY/STATE ____________________________________________________

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OryCon 22 room rate is $88 (plus 11.5% tax) for up to four people ($15
per additional person after those four, with a maximum of five people
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BEDS: [ ] ONE   [ ]TWO  [ ] ROLLAWAY ($15)


                    (INTERSTATE ONLY)

Check-in time is 3 pm.  Rooms must be guaranteed to be held past 6 pm on
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2000.  After that, rooms are subject to availability but remain at the
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