OryCon 22 Tentative Video Schedule

The following times are approximate. Some movies may settle during shipment. All times and weights are approximate. Your mileage may vary. Not available in all areas. Void where prohibited. Do not use hooks. Batteries not included or implied. Warranty excludes shipping costs or suitability of viewing by the young, the old, the infirm or the mentally unbalanced.


12 noon
Journey to the Moon
One of the oldest Science Fiction films of all time. Melle's classic interpretation of Verne's Journey to the Moon. This is the film with the famous image of the rocket plunging into the eye of the man in the moon.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Letterboxed)
Terry Gilliam's take on the Baron's exploits.
The Last Starfighter (Letterboxed)
Robert Preston will be missed. This is one of my favorites of his films. "Always trust Centauri!"
Bell, Book and Candle (Letterboxed)
A light romantic comedy about magic in Manhattan.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (Letterboxed)
One of the best holiday movies ever. One of Tim Burton's best. (Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas? Because OCT 31 = DEC 25.)
Dark City (Letterboxed)
Some people missed this film. Roger Ebert declared it the best film of that year. Science fiction film noir with a few twists. If you have not seen this, you should.
The Avengers: The Hellfire Club
For those of you with an Emma Peel fetish, this is the episode for you. Not released in America until way after the initial run, this episode has Emma as the infamous "Queen of Sin".
eXistenZ (Letterboxed)
Imagine Phillip K. Dick writing his take on the Matrix as directed by David Chronenberg. Much more mind-bending than the Matrix. What is virtual and what is real? It is all a part of the game.
12 midnight
The Mystery Movie
Since the chair of the con does not want me to show "The Ninth Gate" (She absolutely HATES that film.), I am going to show something else instead. I have no idea what, but it should be interesting. Maybe I will show the last existing footage of a Lovecraftian Musical or something...


Lord of Illusions (director's cut) (Letterboxed)
Horror and detective noir. Probably the best thing Scott Bakula has ever done.
Jeffrey Coombs as the mad doctor Herbert West proves he can make the head of the class.
The Avengers: Honey for the Prince
More for the Emma Peel fetishists out there. Emma in a harem. Need I say more?
Stargate (Director's Cut) (Letterboxed)
Before the Showtime series, there was the movie. An interesting way to get around that pesky "faster than light" problem.
Cereal and Cartoons
Sugar. Cartoons. Need I say more?
Tron (Letterboxed)
See Captain Sheridan get his revenge on Ambassador Mollari. No wait, that is a different series... Remember when video games were the big rage? This will bring back memories. See how many people you can spot who later went on to Babylon 5.
12 noon
The Court Jester (Letterboxed)
This is the restored version of the film. Danny Kaye's best movie. This version has the real Technicolor visuals, not the washed out prints that have been available for the last 10+ years. Much different visually than the previous prints.
Evil Roy Slade
No, this is not a science Fiction film. I don't care. This used to be one of the hardest cult films to find until it was re-released this year. John Aston playing the most despicable villain of the old west.
Buckaroo Bonzai (Director's working print) (Letterboxed)
The video quality is not what I would like. The sound has some problems. There is little or no music. The effects are mostly unfinished. Given those things, this is the version that you have probably not seen. The original opening with Jamie Lee Curtis as Buckaroo's mother! Additional dialogue. Horribly scratchy print. Worth seeing if you are a fan of this movie.
The Fifth Element
This film is one of those guilty pleasures. Put your brain on hold and enjoy. At least it has a future where the color has not been sucked out of everything by some morbid set designer.
The Mummy (Letterboxed)
Pulpalishous fun! The remake with Brendon Fraiser in Raiders of the Lost Sarcophagi. For those skipping the Masquerade.
Robocop (Director's Cut) (Letterboxed)
Now with more violence! What the film was like before the MPAA got their censorous hands all over it.


12 midnight
Death Race 2000
A movie for our time. Brings new meaning to the term "shaking hands with the president". I wish our current elections were held in this fashion.
Comedy of Terrors
A Vincent Price horror comedy. More comedy than terror.
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
The plagues of Egypt used for murderous effect by the undead Dr. Phibes. Vincent Price in one of his better roles.
Dr. Phibes Rises Again
Dr. Phibes returns to inflict revenge from the grave.
Demolition Man
Silvester Stalone takes on political correctness in the future. A fun action film, even if Stalone is in it.
Cereal and Cartoons
More sugar and those cartoons you have been dreaming of!
Plan 10 from Outer Space
This is NOT associated to the Ed Wood film in any way, shape or form. Karen Black in a Science Fiction film about the "culture" of Utah.
12 noon
This is the original, not the remake. Peter Cook as the Devil. Dudley Moore as the guy trying to impress the girl in anyway he can. One of my favorite films.
The President's Analyst (Letterboxed)
Ever wonder who runs The Phone Company? This film will give you the answers. One of the best paranoia flicks of the 60s.

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