OryCon 24 Fan Table Form

In recognition of the interests and needs of our members, Orycon would like to extend an invitation to fan groups to reserve Fan Table space for this year's event. Due to the number of inquiries we have reserved to date, Orycon is unable to verify if we will be able to reserve whole or half tables for each group. But, with a little help from you, we should be able to accommodate most of our fan groups' requests.

Please note the following information regarding Fan Tables for Orycon:

  1. If you would like to reserve Fan Table space, please confirm your intent by completing and returning the confirmation form below to me at the address indicated. Confirmation forms must be received no later then two weeks before the convention date.
  2. If you have special requirements regarding ADA issues, power outlets needs, display arrangements, or other related items, please note your special requirements on your Confirmation form. Orycon will attempt to help your group with a reasonable request. We cannot guarantee satisfaction of all requests, but you can help by making your request know in advance.
  3. Orycon requests that you remember that Fan Tables share space with the hotel's hallway. Please do not block, or allow audience to block the hallway.
  4. Space reserved for your group will be labeled at your table. A master list of reserved Fan Tables will be posted at the convention's operation office.
  5. One Fan Table Confirmation form per organization.
  6. Due to the number of requests for Fan Tables, space can be very tight. Please do not move to another location without checking with me first.
  7. A gentle reminder: Fan Tables are being provided for your group's benefit in contacting interested fans, dispensing information, and advertising your group.
  8. Please do not attempt to conduct games or gaming activities at your Fan Table.
  9. Sales of memberships, bid-supports, and group-related/promotional items (T-shirts, book bags, pins, etc.) are permissible activities for fan groups, conventions and bids.
  10. Sales of non-related items, such as collectibles, jewelry, and general merchandise, are not authorized from Fan Tables.
  11. For-profit companies or individuals cannot sell merchandise or collectible items at Fan Tables, hotel hallways, or any other convention space outside of the Dealer's Room.
  12. The playing of loud music, videotapes, musical instruments, or other loud noises is prohibited. Please be considerate of other groups sharing Fan Table space.
  13. Orycon is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen property of any sort. It is up to the owner to ensure security over his or her own possessions.
  14. Please don't litter at your table. Use a waste can.
  15. Print clearly when filling out the Confirmation Form. It will help the person who is reading it understand what is written. You can include pictures if it will help explain better.
  16. Orycon is not responsible for any verbal, mental, or physical damage done by the organization using the Fan Table.
  17. Failure to observe the above listed guidelines could result in revocation of your group's Fan Table.
  18. Let the chairperson know a week before the convention date if you have to cancel your request. This will allow the chairperson to contact another organization about a Fan Table space.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any Information and/or Guidelines for the Fan Table, e-mail me at shadowwind11@yahoo.com.

A helpful hint, it helps to keep an extra copy for your organization. You never know when the copy will come handy in times of emergency.

Group leaders/presidents only

Yes, please reserve a Fan Table at the Orycon convention for our group.

Orycon 24
Fan Tables
PO Box 5703
Portland, Oregon 97228-5703

or email to shadowwind11@hotmail.com
All confirmation forms must be received at the above address by two weeks before the convention date. Please let me know if you have any special requirements for your table.

Please print out the form below and send it by Snail mail (postal service).

Yours truly and thank you for your consideration in advance notifitcation :)

-- Shadowwind - Julia

Orycon Fan Table Confirmation

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