OryCon 24 Gaming


Gaming is downstairs in Yakima, Umatilla and for special events, the Board Room.  In addition to tables Y1-Y9 in Yakima and U1-U9 in Umatilla, we have a Game Library in Umatilla full of popular games that you can check out and play.  We’ll even teach you the rules!  Areas of the game schedule grid that don’t have a game scheduled are Open Gaming.  To sign up to play a game, come down to the hallway outside Yakima and find the sign up sheet for your game based on the time and table number.  If you have questions or need assistance, just find the Gaming Staff on duty at the Game Library in Umatilla.


In this schedule, games are sorted by category.  We have Role-Playing games, RPGA Living Campaign events, Board Games, Miniatures, and Collectable Card Games, in that order.




Call of Cthulhu – Children of an Elder God – Charles Stanley

Two sessions: Board Room Fri 8pm-2am, and Y3 Sat 1pm-7pm

Join the Miskatonic University Game Society as they uncover Yet Another Thing Man Was Not Meant To Know.  A delightful mixture of roleplay, problem-solving and mindless combat awaits the participants.  Prizes provided by Chaosium Games.


D&D for Kids – Mike ORourke

Y1 Sat. 5pm-7pm

Using pregenerated characters to teach younger children (8-12 yr olds) the basics of D&D 3rd edition system while having a good time.


D&D Kung-Fu – The Vengeance of White Eyebrow – Patrick Younts

Board Room Sat. 10am-2pm

Ninjas! Skeletons! Ninja Skeletons!! A game of undead kung-fu vengeance. The dreaded White Eyebrow has returned to settle the score with the five masters who put him in the grave. Only you, the senior students of those now aged masters, can save your teachers and your monasteries and send White Eyebrow screaming back to the Hell of Missing Skin. Uses the 3rd edition Player's Handbook, Oriental Adventures and Mongoose Publishing's Quintessential Monk (written by the adventure's DM. ooohhhh!). Bring dice, a Player's Handbook, and a love of good kung-fu. Characters of 7-9th level will be provided.


D&D – The Ogre City of Drak'suhl – Arthur Shattan

Y6 Sat. Noon-3pm

Bring your characters, but if you want to play and don't have a character, Level 1 characters are provided. If you get higher than level 4, that's OK, we just keep on playing.


D&D Sherwood Forest – Sherwood Forest I, II, & III – Rodney E. Barnes

Three different sessions: Y3 Fri. 4pm-10pm, Y2 Sat. 8am-2pm, and Board Room Sun. Noon-4pm

You’re a Wolfshead, a heroic outlaw not of your choice, seeking to disrupt the oppressive rule of the Norman nobility in and around Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood’s men in 1190 Fantasy England.


GURPS Cliffhangers – By Airship to the North Pole – David MacDonald

Board Room Sat. 8pm-2am

It is just before the start of the Great War (now remembered as World War One).  Count Von Zeppelin has received funding for an expedition to the North Pole in his new experimental design airship.  But, there is a secret military purpose behind it.  The players are recruited to join in this "scientific" expedition and become the first men ever to fly over the North Pole.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


GURPS Traveller – Night of Conquest – Douglas Berry

Y1 Sat. Noon-3pm

The classic science fiction game universe, now in the GURPS rules system.  It was supposed to be a simple trade mission, but who knew the planet's other culture could reach this far?  4-6 players, characters provided if necessary.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


GURPS WWII – All the King's Men – Brian J. Underhill

Y2 Fri. 7pm-11pm

Special pre-release preview by the author.  Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa, is only days away.
When an Allied courier disappears in the deserts of North Africa, six British commandos must penetrate Rommel's lines, locate the courier, and recover the Top Secret plans he carries.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


GURPS S.W.A.T. – Brian J. Underhill

Y2 Sat. 2pm-6pm

Los Angeles, 2007. The City of Angels is in the midst of the worst crime wave in history. Riots are commonplace; gangs rule the city. Only the men and women of the Los Angeles D-Platoon stand between controlled chaos and total anarchy. GURPS Cops meets GURPS Special Ops in a pre-proposal, first look at author Brian J. Underhill's newest GURPS project.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


GURPS – Something Bright, Traveling Fast – Bethany Heramia

Y3 Sat. 7pm-11pm

Presented for your consideration, eight ordinary people in a roadside diner on a late Autumn night; A man, his wife, his teenage daughter and young son, a biker, a policeman, a cook and the sad-eyed proprietress of the diner. Their lives will all be changed forever tonight, by something up in the sky. Something bright, traveling fast.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


GURPS – Valley Girls Of Gor – Bethany Heramia

Y1 Sun. 11am-3pm

Like these babes and dudes find themselves on a totally bogus other planet, where all the dudes are like macho heavies into this way cranky SCA thing, and there are dinosaurs, giant hawks, six-legged weasels and stuff running around, trying to eat them, and they got to find out how to get back to Earth before they miss the big game against Encino, and get, like, major black-listed, for sure.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Hackmaster – Castle Romp – Karl Krehbiel

Y3 Fri. 10pm-2am

Hack your way through the castle, but watch out!  This game has more teeth than ordinary fantasy games…


In Nomine – Murder on Late Night -Riley Crowder

U7 Sat. 5pm-8pm

Two Violent murders within one night.  No evidence, no possible suspects.  Now What?  Pre Generated Mortal Characters will be supplied.  In Nomine is a game of angelic and demonic war, but in this game you will play the pawns of that war. Mature Players only, please.


Vampire the Masquerade – Demo and character creation – Ilia Whitney & Brenton Kallis-Whitney

Y9 Fri. 5pm-9pm

Demonstration of character creation for White Wolf's signature game Vampire: the Masquerade in preparation for Saturday's game.


Vampire the Masquerade – Nyctophobia – Ilia Whitney & Brenton Kallis-Whitney

Y6 Sat. 3pm-7pm

This is a scenario for White Wolf's Vampire: the Masquerade table top RPG, using the characters created during the demo on Friday.


Wild Cards: Deuces Down – Kevin Andrew Murphy

Board Room Sat. 3pm-7pm

This is a special pre-release preview by the author of the upcoming Wild Cards game book for the Theatrix role-playing system.  In this scenario, you are a paranormal Wild Card, but only a Deuce, with minor powers.  Only through teamwork and creative use of your powers can you beat the mighty Aces at their own game.




Living Arcanis – The Senator's Seal

U8 Fri. 6pm-11pm

A simple act of larceny paves the way for a scandal that threatens to shake the very foundation of the Coryani Senate. Few Senators are courageous enough to defy the Emperor and his scheming foreign mistress and one of the most influential of these brave men faces embarrassment and dishonor. In a nation that declares Duty and Honor to be of the utmost, can the heroes prevent a noble soul's fall from grace?  For Levels 1-5, Year 2 Soft Point 1.


Living Arcanis – To Reap the Whirlwind

U6 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

The wheel has turned full circle and the actions of the past have come back to haunt the present. As the first Living Arcanis Story Arc reaches its penultimate chapter, the players must decide if the destruction of a great evil is worth the sacrifice of innocence. But who is it that has sowed such woe to ultimately reap the whirlwind?  For levels 3-9, Year 1 Hard Point 5.


Living City – 240

Three sessions: U2 Fri. 6pm-11pm, U2 Sat. 9am-2pm, and U9 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

A plot has come to light, one that could mean death for one of the most important men in the city of Ravens Bluff. Can you help determine the target of this foul attack? For 1st level characters and starting Living City players.


Living City – Fist of Fire

Three sessions: U1 Sat. 10am-2pm, U8 Sat. 8pm-Midnight, and U1 Sun 10am-3pm

The Importing of a rare spice known as Seablossom has suddenly ceased. You are hired to find out why the shipments aren't coming in. Sounds simple, but nothing ever seems to be simple in the City of Ravens.


Living City – Friend of a Friend

Three sessions: U3 Fri. 6pm-11pm, U3 Sat. 2pm-7p, and U3 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

Well, a fisherman in distress is different than the norm, but adventure calls where it will. An adventure recommended for characters levels 1-9.


Living City – The Game

Three sessions: U8 Sat. 9am-2pm, U8 Sat. 2pm-7pm, and U8 Sun. 10am-3pm

“The Game" is primarily a role-playing scenario, though there are some fairly dangerous moments along the way! It involves quick wits, attention to detail, and the ability to interact with various NPCs of all social strata – especially the Nobles of Raven's Bluff. It is a sequel of sorts to "Backstreet Justice" and "Mean Streets", but play of neither of those two scenarios is needed to fully enjoy "The Game". "The Game" is suitable for characters levels 1 to 10.


Living Greyhawk – Beneath the Veil

Three sessions: U9 Sat. 9am-2pm, U9 Sat. 2pm-7pm, and U9 Sun. 10am-3pm

In the crumbling ruin of Istivan’s west end lives a young boy who, if the star’s don’t lie, will either grow to become the greatest prophet of the god Celestian that Oerth has ever know, or become the next foul tyrant of the age. Quested to retrieve the boy and bring him to the Plinth of the Conjunction in the Barrier Peaks, your adventure takes a dangerous turn at the very start. The boy has been kidnapped by a dangerous demon-worshipping cult. An adventure for characters level 3-12. The second adventure in the Gloom and Disunion Cycle.


Living Greyhawk – Birthday Bash

Three sessions: U9 Fri. 6pm-11pm, U2 Sat. 2pm-7pm, and U2 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

Carnival time arrives in Istivin as the people celebrate a local landowner’s birthday, and everyone is invited! What fun and games await those who show up for the festivities? An adventure for characters level 3-12. The first adventure in the Gloom and Disunion Cycle.


Living Greyhawk – Decent into Darkness

Three sessions: U1 Fri. 5pm-11pm, Sat. 2pm-7pm, 8pm-Midnight

Undead are attacking farmsteads. The farmers speak of a mysterious Man In Black. A crippled wizard seeks the party’s help in recovering a family heirloom from the bottom of a wartime resistance base. What evil lies within the old base, and can you survive it? An adventure for characters level 3-8.


Living Greyhawk – Theft of a Flower

Three sessions: U3 Sat. 9am-2pm, U5 Sat. 8pm-Midnight, and U3 Sun. 10am-3pm

A sightseeing tour of the temples of the Duchy of Urnst turns into a desperate rescue mission. When ruthless nobles are to blame, who can save the day? A heroic mission for characters level 1-12 Part 1 of The Feudal series.


Living Campaigns Midnight Madness!

U1-U3 Sat. Midnight-4am

Find a judge willing to run any of the scenarios scheduled for this convention, including either Living Death scenario listed in the pocket program, and you can game all night, or at least until 4am.


Board / War / Card Games


Apples to Apples – Michael Morgan

U7 Sat. 11am-Noon

Which is richer, Bill Gates or double-fudge chocolate ice cream?  A hilarious game of unlikely comparisons for 4-10 players.  Includes expansion sets 1 & 2.  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


Are You A Werewolf? – Aaron Curtis and John Williamson

Two consecutive sessions: Board Room Fri. 6pm-7pm and 7pm-8pm

Each night, the werewolves tear one villager to shreds.  Each day, the villagers lynch one of their own in a desperate attempt to save themselves.  Who will survive?  A game of paranoia and mob psychology for 8-15 players.


At Close Quarters – Quest for the Golden Penguin – Douglas Berry

Board Room Sun. 9am-Noon

At Close Quarters is a critically acclaimed set of combat rules for Traveller.  Based on real-life experiences, the game forces characters to plan their moves and take advantage of cover whenever possible.  This introductory scenario is nothing more than a shoot out on a far trader… the hiding place of the legendary Golden Penguin.  6-9 players, with substitutions for killed characters allowed.


Babylon 5 Wars – Stop the Planet Killer – J. Scott Rose

Y1 Fri. 5pm-8pm

The Battle of Corianna 6 is in full swing. The Vorlons are planning on destroying the planet with one of their massive Planet Killers.  Sheridan orders in his “Ace in the hole”, the remaining Ancient vessels.  We know how they succeeded, but it was VERY close. Come test your metal with the Demonstrator who will play the Vorlons.


Blink – Michael Morgan

U7 Sat. 10am-11am

The world’s fastest game!  Play out your card following number, color or shape.  Best two out of three advances to the finals.  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Aaron Curtis

Two consecutive sessions: Y6 Sun. 11am-Noon and Noon-1pm

It's up to you to help Buffy and her friends stop the spread of Evil in Sunnydale! Patrol the board. Collect cards and gain power. Roll dice to fight and cast spells. Finally, rid Sunnydale of Evil to win! But don't slack... or Evil will slay you first!


Carcasonne – John Williamson

Two consecutive sessions: Y4 Fri. 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm

The winner of the 2001 Spiel des Jahres and Deutscher SpielePreis awards now has an expansion!  Develop cities, roads and cloisters by placing land tiles, then place your followers as thieves, farmers, knights, and monks to control them and score points.  The expansion adds cathedrals, inns and several strange new tiles to add variety to the game.


Chez Geek – Paul Borella

Two consecutive sessions: Y8 Fri. 10pm-11pm and 11pm-Midnight

Get Slack to overcome the stress of your job... not to mention your roommates!  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Clay-O-Rama! – Betty Bigelow

U5, U6, & U7 Sat. 2pm-5pm

Come try your creative skills playing this fast paced game of strategy, luck and artistic talent.  Make clever little monsters out of PlayDoh, then rip your opponent’s little head off!  Scream!  Throw things!  Fun for all ages and the whole family!  Children too young to read and count must be accompanied by an adult, but are welcome!  The same goes for adults.


Clue, D&D Edition – Michael Morgan

Two consecutive sessions: U5 Sat. 6pm-7pm and 7pm-8pm

The classic game of Clue, featuring the heroes depicted in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition: Regdar the Human Fighter, Tordek the Dwarf Fighter, Lidda the Halflink Rogue, Mialee the Elf Wizard, Ember the Human Monk and Nebin the Gnome Wizard. The heroes try to figure out who is secretly a doppelganger and killed the Archmage, where in the castle the crime occurred, and what magical weapon was used.


Cosmic Coasters: The Teleportation Combat Game – Chris Ballowe

Two consecutive sessions: Y4 Fri. 10pm-11pm and 11pm-Midnight

You've transported a ship to an enemy planet – now what? Their teleport pad is under tight control. Looks like you'll have to overwhelm them with sheer numbers and do battle to the death to even send a single ship back home. You'll need cunning and a good dose of luck to get through this alive – and don't forget that special power you have up your sleeve...


Cosmic Encounter – Aaron Nabil

Y9 Sat. 10pm-Midnight

The classic game of interstellar colonization, negotiation, conciliation and misrepresentation.  The new Avalon Hill edition is beautiful to behold and just as fun to play.


Dino Hunt – Pôl Jackson

Y7 Sat. 10am-Noon

Bring 'em back alive! Travel through prehistory, capturing dinosaurs both dangerous and deadly. Fun for all ages! No experience necessary.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


EVO: The Last Gasp of the Dinosaurs – Aaron Curtis

Y7 Sun. 1pm-3pm

Games Magazine’s Game of the Year for 2002.  You control the survival and evolution of your own species of dinosaurs, guiding their migrations to temperate climates and acquiring the perfect genes to develop your Dinos and push out other creatures that have yet to learn the meaning of the term "dominant species."


Fluxx – Chris Ballowe

Y4 Sat. Midnight-2am

What’s in flux?  How about the cards in your hand, the keepers you control, the rules of the game, and the victory condition!


Guillotine – Aaron Nabil

Two consecutive sessions: Y9 Sat. 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm

The revolutionary card game where you win by getting a head.  Players represent rival guillotine operators during the French Revolution, vying for the best collection of noble heads.  Will you be skillful enough to bribe the guards to collect Marie Antoinette? Or will you lose points for beheading the Hero of the People?


Hacker Deluxe – Paul Borella

Y8 Sat. Midnight-3am

Break into corporate and government computers, give yourself root access, upgrade your equipment… just watch out for the Feds!  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


History of the World – Aaron Curtis

Y4 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

See history through the eyes of the great empires, from ancient Sumeria to the foundation of Germany in 1870.  Each empire has its moment of glory, then fades as new empires rise to take their place.  Like all the new Avalon Hill reprints, this is a visually stunning edition of a classic game.


Illuminati Deluxe – Paul Borella

Y8 Sun. 11am-3pm

The updated version of Steve Jackson Games’ classic game of conspiracy and world conquest.  Use Orbital Mind Control Lasers to make the FBI destroy the IRS.  C’mon, you know you want to…  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Mexica – Aaron Curtis

Y9 Sun. Noon-2pm

Return to the time of the early Atzecs, building their capital of Tenochtitlán on an island in Lake Texcoco.  Dig canals to found districts, build bridges connecting the districts, and build buildings in the districts.  By the designers of Tikal and Torres.


Munchkin – Pôl Jackson

Two sessions: Y8 Fri 6pm-8pm and Y2 Sun 10am-noon

It's your favorite fantasy RPG, without the annoying role-playing! Munchkin is the card game of killing monsters, stealing loot, and backstabbing your friends.  Includes the Unnatural Axe expansion.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Nuclear War Tournament – Karl Krehbiel

Y7 & Y8 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

Nuke ‘em til they glow!  A qualifying round will be followed by the final round of nuclear Armageddon.


Pampas Railroads – Aaron Curtis

Y5 Sat. 6pm-9pm

Six railroads tame the rich prairies of Argentina.  Players buy stock so the companies have the money they need to build rails.  Faster than 18XX train games, and with more strategic depth that crayon rails.


Puerto Rico – Aaron Curtis

Y7 Fri. 10pm-1am

Winner of the 2002 Deutscher SpielePreis!  Develop the island of Puerto Rico, produce goods and send them back to Spain.  Every decision is critical in this amazing game of strategic depth.


RoboRally – John Williamson

Y5 Fri. 10pm-2am

Program your robot to reach the flag, but watch out for your rivals, who will hit you, shoot you and try to knock you off course.  We are Armed & Dangerous and Radioactive, so watch out!


Samurai & Katana – Aaron Curtis

Y7 Sun 10am-1pm

It is the middle of the 16th century during a Japanese civil war. You are the daimyo of one of the greatest samurai clans. In order to end this war, you must seize the opportunity to become the new Shogun and to unify the country under your rule. But be aware that effective methods are not always honorable.

Settlers of Catan (8 player) – Chris Ballowe

Y5 Sat. 9pm-Midnight

Settle this special double-sized island of Catan with double the number of players!


Settlers of Catan Tournament – Karl Krehbiel

Y6, Y7, & Y8 Fri. 6pm-10pm

We have every Settlers of Catan variant published!  Come play your favorites, or learn a new one.  No player limit!


Squint – John Williamson

U7 Sat. 10am-11am

Make your picture using the dozens of printed tiles available, while the other players try to guess what it is.  It really helps to squint!  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


Star Munchkin – Pôl Jackson and Michael Morgan

Two sessions: Y8 Fri 8pm-10pm (Michael) and Y2 Sun noon-2pm (Pôl)

It's your favorite science fiction RPG, without the annoying role-playing! Star Munchkin is the card game of killing aliens, stealing high-tech gadgets, and backstabbing your friends.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


TransAmerica: One Step Ahead – Aaron Nabil

Two consecutive sessions: Y5 Sat. 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm

Each player gets a set of five cities across America and must build a network (with the help of the other players) to connect all five cities. The first player to connect his five cities wins the round. The others lose points based on how far their unconnected cities are from the network. A fast, fun game.


Ultimate Munchkin – Pôl Jackson

Y6 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

Hey, you got your science fiction in my fantasy game!  What happens when you combine Munchkin with Star Munchkin?  The only game where you can be a Mutant Elf Wizard Gadgeteer!  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Wizard Kings – Aaron Curtis

Y4 Sat. 4pm-8pm

You are one of the Wizard Kings locked in a desperate struggle to control the world, commanding an army of Orcs, Elves, Amazons or Barbarians. This fantasy wargame uses blocks to hide your units from the enemy, making bluff and misdirection a critical part of the game.


X-Bugs – Paul Borella

Two consecutive sessions: Y8 Sun. 9am-10am and 10am-11am

Flip your bugs to capture resources, eliminate enemy bugs and destroy their bases.  USArthropods defend the Earth from invading Flyborgs.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Miniatures Games


GROPOS/MAXIM – J. Scott Rose

Y2 Sat. 7pm-11pm

Ground Combat using Eclipse Games MAXIM combat game.  Start playing in 5 minutes.  Will be using Babylon 5 ground units, but Maxim will eventually allow any type army from any genre.  Demonstrator will provide miniatures and gaming materials.


MechWarrior Dark Ages – Head to Head Tournament – Alexander Smith

Two sessions: Y4 & Y5 Fri. 5pm-8pm, Y4 & Y5 Sat. 10am-Noon, and Y4 & Y5 Sat.Noon-4pm

The exciting, fast-paced collectable miniatures game of futuristic combat. When your battle force is filled with three-story-high robot vehicles called BattleMechs bristling with weaponry, combat is explosive and electrifying. Bring your 300 point army to go head-to-head with your opponent.  These are OFFICIALY SANCTIONED, with prizes provided by WizKids.


MechWarrior Dark Ages – Battle for the Planet Ozawa – Alexander Smith

Y4 & Y5 Sat. 10am-Noon

The struggle beteween the Bannson's Raiders & the Spirit Cats comes to a head. Will the Vision of the Spirit cats survive the invasion of the materialistic Raiders' mercenaries?  Who will survive the flames of battle? (Not to mention the forest fire!) Come join in and find out. Bring your 300 point army and be ready at the posted start time (10:00 am sharp).  This is OFFICIALY SANCTIONED by WizKids, who have provided LE MWDA figures to be awarded to the winners (and best sportsmanship).


Pa’ani Kaua – 25mm Pa’ani Kaua Tournament – Bethany Heramia

U5 & U6 Fri. 6pm-10pm

Bring your favorite Warhammer, Chainmail, or 25mm Ancient / Medieval army and do battle using a rule set designed to give a feeling of actually being in command of a body of troops, by emphasizing the role of officers and drilled formation.


Turning Point – J. Scott Rose

Y1 Fri. 8pm-Midnight

Come try out Eclipse Games’ new fleet combat game set in the near future.  It's the Union of North Atlantic Nations (UNAN) vs. the European Union (EU) is a test to see who is the better.  Demonstrator will provide miniatures and gaming materials.


Collectable Card Games


Magi-Nation Best of the NW II – Tim J. Meyer

Y7, Y8, & Y9 Sat. Noon-8pm

Magi-Nation is an all-ages collectable card game; this event will be a tournament with a lot of fun and great prize support from Interactive Imagination!