Games removed from the schedule:


7th Sea – For A Few Guilders More – Kevin Chollman

Y1 Sat. 10pm-2am


Living Death – As Ottawa Sleeps

Two sessions: U6 Sat. 8pm-Midnight, and U8 Sun. Midnight-4am


Living Death – Winter’s Hunger

Two sessions: U8 Fri. 6pm-11pm, and U1 Sun. Midnight-4am


RPGA Operations Table

U4 entire weekend

Is now Open Gaming table.


Warlord CCG Demo – Jason Williamson

Y6 Sat. 10am-Noon


Games added to the schedule:


Living Arcanis – The Senator's Seal

U8 Fri. 6pm-11pm

A simple act of larceny paves the way for a scandal that threatens to shake the very foundation of the Coryani Senate. Few Senators are courageous enough to defy the Emperor and his scheming foreign mistress and one of the most influential of these brave men faces embarrassment and dishonor. In a nation that declares Duty and Honor to be of the utmost, can the heroes prevent a noble soul's fall from grace?  For Levels 1-5, Year 2 Soft Point 1.


Living Arcanis – To Reap the Whirlwind

U6 Sat. 8pm-Midnight

The wheel has turned full circle and the actions of the past have come back to haunt the present. As the first Living Arcanis Story Arc reaches its penultimate chapter, the players must decide if the destruction of a great evil is worth the sacrifice of innocence. But who is it that has sowed such woe to ultimately reap the whirlwind?  For levels 3-9, Year 1 Hard Point 5.


Living Campaigns Midnight Madness!

U1-U3 Sat. Midnight-4am

Find a judge willing to run any of the scenarios scheduled for this convention, including either Living Death scenario listed in the pocket program, and you can game all night, or at least until 4am.


In Nomine Murder on Late Night -Riley Crowder

U7 Sat. 5pm-8pm

Two Violent murders within one night.  No evidence, no possible suspects.  Now What?  Pre Generated Mortal Characters will be supplied.  In Nomine is a game of angelic and demonic war, but in this game you will play the pawns of that war. Mature Players only, please.


Apples to Apples – Mike Morgan

Y5 Fri. 9pm-10pm

Which is richer, Bill Gates or double-fudge ice cream?  A hilarious game of unlikely comparisons for 4-10 players.  Includes expansion sets 1 & 2.  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


Blink – Mike Morgan

Y5 Fri. 8pm-9pm

The world’s fastest game!  Play out your card following number, color or shape.  Best two out of three advances to the finals.  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


Squint – Mike Morgan

Y6 Sun. 10am-11am

Make your picture using the dozens of printed tiles available, while the other players try to guess what it is.  It really helps to squint!  Prizes provided by Out of the Box Publishing.


X-Bugs – Paul Borella

Two consecutive sessions: Y8 Sun. 9am-10am and 10am-11am

Flip your bugs to capture resources, eliminate enemy bugs and destroy their bases.  USArthropods defend the Earth from invading Flyborgs.  Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games.


Games with schedule changes:


Pa’ani Kaua – 25mm Pa’ani Kaua Tournament – Bethany Heramia

U5 & U6 Fri. 6pm-10pm

Was: 5pm-10pm in description, but 6pm-10pm in schedule grid