Masked Ball

last update: 15 Mar 2005

Celebrate with us at a Masked Ball in honor of "Glitzlandia", a mythical local patron saint/goddess of costumers (okay, so she's the Guild's mascot...). This event will be a simplified cross between a "standard" Masquerade and a Ball blending various things tried in the past and adding a few new twists. There will be awards for Judges' Choice, People's Choice, and Entrants' Choice (there's a new one!). There's also the possibility of having a "Judges' Choice of Observer" to single out someone of the audience for special mention/award.

The scenario as envisioned by the MB Director is (and hopefully will not change much...) -

The audience will be passed in while the hall is still fairly-well lit, each person being handed a single bead as they enter. They may seat themselves or mill around at their preference. This is to be a social event. There will be music already playing.

Glitzlandia and her "court" (a herald who acts as MC and two attendants who are the other 2 judges) will process in and take their places on the dais/stage - the herald on one side, she and her attendants on the other making use of a "throne" arrangement.

The hall lights will be lowered to about one-fourth and a stage spot boosted a bit at this point. The music will continue as ....

Entrants/entrant groups each come on stage from the herald's side having given their preferred names to the Backstage Manager who will write them on cards to give to the herald for announcement. They will approach the "throne" making a bow/obeisance to the court and turning around to allow a full view of themselves and their outfits. (Here's where each entrant can do a moment of shtick of their own. No choice of music, though.) They will then exit the stage and descend into the crowd.

After all the entrants have presented themselves, the house lights will return to half-light and the Ball itself begins. After about an hour (give or take) for milling/schmoozing/flirting/cajoling/begging beads (and, oh yeah, dancing), the entrants will be re-called to the court to show how many beads they've received from others. (Non-responsive entrants will be assumed to have removed themselves from competition.) While the entrants are still in the stage area, the winners announcement will be made and awards/certificates will be given. Whether all the entrants would be onstage or just the winners is site- (and stage-) dependant.

Now - here are a few twists - Audience members don't have to give a bead to any entrant. They have the freedom to give their bead to anyone including another audience member/observer..... Also, entrants will each have been given a bead (of a different style) to dispense as they see fit - to another entrant or to an observer.

In case of a tie in Peoples' Choice, acclaim will be reckoned by audience applause; in case of a tie in Entrants' Choice, acclaim will be reckoned by entrant applause.

This arrangement puts everyone in the room at the same competitive level as all can be viewed up close by everyone during the dance/socialising time. It could well give someone the impetus to explore a new art form..... It also gives everyone the chance to be a "Hall Costume" judge for an hour. :-)

After the announcement of winners and giving of whatever awards/certificates, the merriment continues as Glitzlandia and court process out and throw open the doors to the Dance. (Or maybe they'll just melt into the crowd like any good fantasy...)

Yes, this scenario could result in a non-entrant garnering the most beads. As a non-entrant, however, their name won't be called, they won't be eligible for any awarding or acknowledgement and few others will know, but maybe this will give them the courage to enter for real the next time. On the other and, they may end up winning "Judges' Choice of Observer"!

Bead recipients get to keep their beads as mementos/souvenirs and will perhaps work them into a future costume or jewelry.

As per usual, any involvement of the MC, judges or staff (in this case the herald and/or the court and/or other staff) in any presentation or schtick must be cleared by the MB Director one hour before the Ball.

Also as per usual, any weapon (or anything that could be perceived as a weapon) used or carried by an entrant must be cleared by the MB Director one hour before the Ball.

(Spontaneity is good; in the case Masked Balls and Masquerades, planning ahead is better.....)

This Masked Ball staffed by the Greater Portland Area Costumers' Guild -

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