Creation Station

Welcome to your Creation Station at OryCon 41! 😊

Creation Station (in Suite 206) is an autonomous collective of panelists, bringing innovative, audience-participation, welcoming, inclusive, progressive events & safe space to cons since 2003! Mostly all-ages, kid-friendly, hands-on! Annual favorites, e.g., Doctor Who Live Script Reading, Fandom Food, & Kitten Caboodle, plus new innovations!

Ask Gandalf the Grey Anything; Choose-Your-Own Adventure Play-Through;

Clay-O-Rama (make Play-Doh minis & battle!); Storytelling Through Fanfiction: Tips, Tricks, & Acceptance; Intro to Needle Felting; Spooky Creations (hands-on craft, run by kids for kids); Pokémon Go Meetup; Vegan Tastings Kids Making Games (kids teaching kids fundamentals of setting up rules and worlds); HOGWARTS HOMEWORK (immersive, multi-hour experience)

Writing Wizardry: Making Quills & Wax Seals;–Herbology;–Divination;–Potions;–Quidditch Prep (Make a Golden Snitch);–Ollivander’s Wand-Making;–Defense Against the Dark Arts; (learn how to play Wizards Unite);–O.W.L.’s (Harry Potter trivia);–Dumbledore’s Army (Wizards Unite meetup);–The Quibbler (Make Field Recordings of Nargals!);

Could You Survive Space Travel? Live, Interactive Trivia Game!; –LGBTQ Youth Meetup;

Bees, Please! Raising Local Pollinators;–Intro to Soundboards; Tolkien Quest: Fanwork Creation Here (Create Fan Art/Crafts/Fanfics) and Back Again (Share Them)! Join us & enjoy!