OryCon 43

Phoenix Rising

November 10 - 12, 2023

Holiday Inn Portland – Columbia Riverfront
909 North Hayden Island Dr. Portland, OR 97217

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Video Schedule - Channel 0
Friday November 10th
Noon Alice in Wonderland
1:56pm Alice Through The Looking Glass
3:49pm Return to Oz (1985) 720p
5:44pm Looney Tunes- Back in Action 1080p
7:15pm Jason and the Argonauts
9:00pm Transylvania Twist
10:28pm Love At First Bite
Saturday November 11th
12:04am Taoism Drunkard
1:39am Mr. Vampire
3:17am Mr. Vampire 2
4:50am Mr. Vampire 3
6:19am Mr. Vampire Saga 4
7:50am Vampire vs Vampire
9:24am Shazam!
9:46am The Incredible Mr. Limpet
11:25am Ladyhawke (1985)
1:27pm Legend (Directors Cut)
3:20pm Stardust
5:28pm Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
7:26pm Something Wicked This Way Comes
9:01pm Coraline
10:42pm Strings
Sunday November 12th
12:13am City of Lost Children
2:06am MirrorMask
3:48am Master of the Flying Guillotine
5:21am Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
6:59am Magic Crane
8:32am Gimmie Gimmie Octopus
9:54am Dick Tracy (1990) 1080p
11:39am Bedazzled
1:23pm The Wicker Man (1973) The Final Cut 1080p
3:03pm Love At Stake
Video Schedule - Channel 1
Friday November 10th
Noon Flash Gordon
1:59pm Forbidden Planet
3:37pm It Came from Outer Space
4:58pm Free Guy
6:53pm Alita Battle Angel (2019) 1080p
8:55pm Akira
10:59pm Dark City (Dir cut)
Saturday November 11th
12:51pm Vesper
2:45am The Complete Metropolis
5:14am Strange Days (1995) 1080p
7:39am Zardoz 1974 1080p
9:25am Scooby-Doo™, Where Are You!
9:48am Freakazoid!
10:09am The Jetsons
10:35am Star Trek- The Animated Series
10:59am Them!
12:32am What's So Bad About Feeling Good?
2:06pm Crater 2023 1080p
3:50pm bigbug 2022 french 1080p
5:41pm Max Headroom 1985
6:39pm Max Headroom - Lessons
7:26pm Demolition Man 1993 1080p
9:21pm RoboCop
11:07pm The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sunday November 12th
12:47am Shock Treatment
2:28am eXistenZ (1999) 1080p
4:05am Idiocracy (2006) 1080p
5:30am Real Genius
7:15am Gijoe The Viper
7:38am Scooby-Doo™, Where Are You!
8:00am Freakazoid!
8:21am The Jetsons
8:47am Star Trek- The Animated Series
9:11am The Last Starfighter
10:51am Closet Cases Of The Nerd Kind
11:04am Ready Player One
1:24pm Plan 10
2:43pm The President's Analyst

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